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pravila raboty

CARSTAR WRAPPING Is a technology for changing the color of vinyl films.

Car wrapping with films

CARSTAR PAINT PROTECTION Is a technology for protecting the car body with high-tech polyurethane films. Recommended for new cars.

CarStar Paint Protection

CARSTAR GLASS ARMOR Is a technology for protectioning car windows using the best protectioning materials made in the United States.

glass protectioning

CARSTAR TINT Is a technology for car glass tinting using the best tinting materials produced in the USA.

Car tinting Kiev

CARSTAR TAILORING Is a technology for sewing interiors and car accessories.

Car mats

CARSTAR IR REJECTION - technology of athermal tinting of glasses using athermal tinting films of the 3M company.

Athermal tinting

CARSTAR WINDSHIELD REPAIR - technology for repairing chips and cracks on the windshield using special high-molecular-weight photopolymers.

windshield repair

CARSTAR RESTORATION - technology of restoration and protection of car paintwork by applying nanoceramic compositions (nanoceramics).

polishing and nanoceramic

CARSTAR HEADLIGHT RESTORATION Is a technology for cosmetic restoration of the transparency of headlights in 3 stages: Grinding, Polishing, Pasting in a protective polyurethane Paint Protection film.

headlight polishing

CARSTAR "QUIET!" Is a technology of professional car noise insulation using noise-absorbing materials.

Car soundproofing

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